Emergency Center - Northeast

The Tallahassee Memorial Emergency Center-Northeast is a 45,000-square-foot freestanding emergency center conveniently located off Thomasville Road, just south of I-10.

Check-In with InQuicker 

You can check-in online and wait from home using InQuicker. This service is for patients with non-life-threatening emergencies. Learn more about InQuicker.

Call Ahead 431-OUCH

You can speak to someone, explain your symptoms and receive an approximate wait time. Our call-ahead service will allow most patients to be diagnosed, treated and back home in less than 90 minutes.

Our Facility

Our center was designed to provide the greatest level of comfort and care to patients of all ages. The center has many features designed to enhance the experience of our patients and guests.

  • Ample parking just steps from the entrance. 
  • A separate entrance for children and adults.
  • Aromatherapy in the lobbies and paintings throughout the facility. 
  • An iPad Bar for children.
  • Highest certification for emergency nursing staff – focusing on pediatric and geriatric populations.
  • Paramedic and RN patient teams for more individualized care.

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Specializing in Children and Senior Patients

We offer special amenities for children and senior patients. Because children and seniors have unique medical and emotional needs, members of the medical team at the Emergency Center-Northeast have received additional training in administering emergency care for both populations.

Especially for Kids

  • Separate entrances for children and adults
  • Lobby areas designed for the comfort of each age age group
  • An iPad bar in the kids waiting area pre-loaded with kid-friendly games and videos
  • A Sick Kids Room to provide a restful space for children with contagious conditions

Beneficial for Seniors

  • Non-slip flooring, an open floor plan, and LED-lighted signage for senior-friendly navigation
  • Luxury mattresses on beds and stretchers with pressure redistribution technology and built-in scales
  • Adjustable lighting in each treatment room
  • Complimentary reading glasses upon request

A Wide Range of Services

We make receiving quality care quick and convenient by offering a wide range of services:

  • Dedicated lab and radiology suite
  • Pharmacy department on-site
  • Two technologically advanced resuscitation rooms

Green Design

The Emergency Center – Northeast has been designed to care not only for patients but also for the environment. With many environmentally sustainable design elements, the center is the first freestanding emergency center in Florida to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification standards for green design and construction.