Home Health Care


Tallahassee Memorial Home Health Care, in consultation with physicians, provides a variety of in-home medical services that ease the transition from hospital to home following a hospital stay, surgery or trauma.

These services, provided by nurses, physical, speech and occupational therapists, home health aides and medical social workers, ensure patients receive quality home care just as comprehensive as what is available at the hospital. Home health care helps patients recover, regain their independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.


Our Patients

  • Do not need continuous in-home care, such as in a nursing home or long-term acute care facility 
  • Need help recovering from or learning to manage a health condition at home 
  • May have limited mobility or functionality 
  • May have difficulty leaving their home

Easing the Transition

The best time to look into home health services is upon first admission to the hospital or prior to admission in the case of a scheduled surgery. Physicians will work closely with the home health care provider to customize an interdisciplinary care plan and make arrangements for the necessary services and equipment before they leave the hospital. 


Our Services

  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy— therapists help patients regain mobility and function after trauma, surgery or other impairment 
  • Nutrition planning— nurses manage patients’ diet and nutrition to help establish new eating habits as part of disease management or prevention
  • Medication education— registered nurses educate patients, their families and caregiversabout the side effects of prescription medications as well as safe dosing schedules
  • Post-operative recovery— wound care, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and IV supervision 
  • Elder care— treatment and management of chronic medical conditions

About Us

Our Commitment to Our Patients

Our patients can expect to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity, with prompt attention to any requests for service. Our patients are participants in decisions involving their treatment, and can always expect the best quality care from skilled professionals. 

License: HHA20480096

Home Health Care

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