Tallahassee Memorial Transition Center

The Tallahassee Memorial Transition Center is an innovative facility created by Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, in partnership with Capital Health Plan and the Florida State University College of Medicine to provide follow-up care for certain patients after they leave Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. This includes patients who cannot see a physician as quickly as needed, patients who do not have a physician and patients who do not have insurance.

The goal of the Transition Center is to provide these patients with the care and support they need to help them continue on the road to recovery. Types of services offered at the Transition Center may include help with filling prescriptions, performing lab work, arranging physical therapy and other rehabilitation services, and connecting the patient with other agencies that may be able to provide assistance.

Geriatric Services

Opened in February 2011, the Transition Center began offering geriatric services in partnership with the Florida State University College of Medicine. 
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Innovative Collaboration

Transition Center helps hospital patients who need follow-up care.
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About the Tallahassee Memorial Transition Center