Corporate Compliance

Some may ask, what is the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer’s role? In its most simplistic form, it is ensuring that TMH is “Doing the right things the right way”. In keeping with our TMH I CARE philosophy, and particularly in support of our principles of Integrity and Excellence, the Corporate Compliance Office is available to respond to concerns or inquiries colleagues may have regarding:

  • Fraud, waste, or abuse;
  • Non-compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations,
  • Non-compliance with TMH policies under which we operate;
  • Violations of our Code of Conduct and Business Practice Guide.

So, if you have a concern, what should you do?
  • Call Corporate Compliance at 850-431-COMP (2667);
  • Email;
  • Submit a Risk Management portal event in the Healthcare Safety Zone Portal found on the TMH Intranet; or
  • Call the toll-free Compliance Helpline for anonymous reporting at 1-877-772-6723

You are encouraged to resolve issues, whenever possible, by talking with your supervisor or department manager or any member of the TMH executive leadership team. If, however, you are uncomfortable using this approach or if you wish to remain anonymous, the toll-free Compliance Helpline is available to you 24 hours per day at 1-877-772-6723.

Concerns reported through the Compliance Helpline will be promptly and thoroughly investigated for proper resolution or response. When calling the Compliance Helpline if you request to remain anonymous, no effort will be made to identify you. In addition, TMH has a non-retaliation policy that prohibits any disciplinary or other negative action from being taken against you. It is important that colleagues have a means to report Compliance related concerns. It is equally important that concerns are made known to the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer before they become serious regulatory issues. Please do not hesitate to use this important means to communicate your concerns.