Leadership & Governance

Board of Directors

Steve Evans

Steve Evans, Chair
Board of Directors


Christopher Rumana, MD, Chair-Elect
Board of Directors


Martha Barnett, Esq., Secretary
Board of Directors

Lee Hinkle

Lee Hinkle, Treasurer

Wayne Batchelor, MD

Wayne Batchelor, MD

AJ Brickler, MD

A.J. Brickler, MD

Reverand Brant Copeland

Reverend Brant Copeland


Avon Doll, MD


Kelly Simmons Dozier

Winston Howell

Winston Howell

Avery McKnight

Avery D. McKnight, Esq.


Ed Murray, Jr


Mary Pankowski, Esq.

Thomas Truman MD

Thomas Truman, MD

Gary Winchester

Gary Winchester, MD

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong, MD

Ex-Officio Board Members

Blank Shelby 1319

Shelby Blank, MD


Georgeann Hartsfield,
President of the TMH Auxiliary

Sam Lester

Sam Lester

Mark O'Bryant

Mark O'Bryant,
President & CEO
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Medical Executive Committee

Shelby Blank

Shelby Blank, MD, Chair
Medical Executive Committee


Tom Noel, MD, Chair-Elect


Joseph Soto, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Amanze Nnaemeka 1251

Nnaemeka Amanze, MD

Bellamy David 1107

David Bellamy, MD

Campo Carlos 1088

Carlos Campo, MD

Forster Edward 740

Edward Forster, MD

Ho Alex 1554

Alex Ho, MD

McKinnie Vikki 1234

Vikki McKinnie, MD

Paredes Alfredo 1142

Alfredo Paredes, MD

Shah Heemanshi 1216

Heemanshi Shah, MD


James Totten, MD

Executive Team

Mark O'Bryant

G. Mark O'Bryant
President and CEO

Barbara Alford

Barbara Alford
Vice President,
Chief Clinical Officer/Chief Nursing Officer

Cindy Blair

Cynthia Blair
Vice President,
Chief Improvement and Planning Officer

Camps Joseph 686

Joseph Camps, MD
Vice President,
Chief Integration Officer


Stephanie Derzypolski
Vice President,
Chief Communications Officer

Friall Andrea 1074

Andrea Friall, MD
Vice President,
Chief Medical Officer

Bill Guidice

William Giudice
Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Steven Haynes

Steven Haynes
Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Don Lindsey

Don Lindsey
Vice President,
Chief Information Officer


Mickey S. Moore
President and Chief Advancement Officer,
TMH Foundation

Dean Watson

Dean Watson, MD
Vice President,
Chief Health Operations Officer

Yashica Wilson-Hearns

Yashica Wilson-Hearns
Vice President,
Support Services

Service Line Leaders


Kathy Brooks, Administrator
Cancer Center


Heather Lincicome
Under a cooperative agreement with Apalachee Center, serving as
Behavioral Health Center Service Line Administrator


Lindsay Ancheta, Director

Lauren Faison

Lauren Faison, Administrator
Regional Development, Population Health and Telemedicine

Linda Fox

Linda Fox, RN, Administrator
Surgical Services

Judy Greenwald

Judy Greenwald, Administrator
Orthopedic Services


Len Harvey, Director
Premier Health & Fitness Center


James Livingston, RN, MSN, CEN
Executive Director of Emergency Services

Terri McDonald

Terri McDonald, Administrator
Heart & Vascular Center

Connie Styons

Connie Styons, RN, MSN, Administrator
Women and Children Services