Joint Adventures

Join us in the TMH Auditorium for this event! It is highly recommended by physicians that patients and families attend the joint adventure class. The purpose is to provide information about what to do before surgery, what to expect during your stay in the hospital, and how to care for yourself afterwards.

  • Patients and families have the opportunity to meet the nurses and therapists they will be working with during their recovery.
  • Become familiar with all the equipment.
  • Receive an overview of pre-admission, surgery, recuperation, and rehabilitation.
  • Practice the basic exercises that all patients can do before and after surgery.
  • Hear from a former patient regarding their experience and ask questions.

Please RSVP by calling 850-431-1690 or 850-431-2402.


RSVP at 850-431-1690 or 850-431-2402