Joint Adventures

Join us in the TMH Auditorium for this event! It is highly recommended by physicians that patients attend the joint adventure class. The purpose is to provide information about what to do before surgery, what to expect during your stay in the hospital, and how to care for yourself afterwards.

  • Patients have the opportunity to meet the nurses and therapists they will be working with during their recovery.
  • Become familiar with some of the equipment.
  • Receive an overview of pre-admission, surgery, recuperation, and rehabilitation.
  • Hear Physical Therapy explain the basic exercises that all patients can do before and after surgery.

Please RSVP by registering below or call 850-431-1690 or 850-431-2402.

Virtual Joint Adventures

If you can't join us in person, please view our Virtual Joint Adventures video. It will prepare you for what to expect before, during and after your joint replacement surgery. Simply fill out the form and you’ll be directed to the video. View the Joint Adventures video


From the parking deck (which costs a dollar) you  enter the atrium of the hospital. Go through the doorway marked Hospital Entrance. Go to the ‘B’ elevators which are across from the cafeteria. Take the B elevator to the first floor. Go left when you get off on the first floor.  Go about 150 feet, there is a sign from the ceiling that says Auditorium and Chapel.  Go to the Auditorium NOT the Chapel.

(In the winter, you may want to bring a sweater as it is cold in the Auditorium.)

If you arrive early, please do not go into the auditorium before noon as there is usually another function going on. You can wait in the Atrium until noon.