Women Like Us

If you're like most women, you are being pulled from every direction. Work, home, family - everyone needs your attention.

With all of your obligations, you might have forgotten someone special- YOU. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has created a program with you in mind. It's about connecting women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.

Women Like Us is a free program designed for women by women. Its goal is to move women towards all-around wellness through good health, education, savvy lifestyle tips and networking opportunities with women in the Big Bend.

Benefits include:

  • Programs featuring physicians and other experts who specialize in women’s health issues.
  • Information about health, relationships and life issues.
  • Specially designed lifestyle classes, like couponing, gardening and spa treatments.
  • Opportunities to network with women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date on programs and events.

Meet Kristen Vocelle Barstow

Owner, Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

While Kristen Vocelle Barstow originally hails from Vero Beach, Tallahassee has been her home for nearly 15 years. It’s where she got her first full-time job, fell in love, started her own business, got married and grew a beautiful family.

As owner and founder of Tallahassee’s only boutique bridal shop experience, Vocelles, Kristen is a fixture in Tallahassee’s small business scene. With no formal background in business or entrepreneurship, Kristen took a sudden, ambitious idea, her can-do attitude and her dream to create a passion project of her own, and formed an incredibly successful business focused on empowering women to embrace their own beauty and confidence.

“I don't want young women to ever not go after something because they feel like they’re not qualified. As long as you’re willing to put the time and work into something, you are capable.”

My favorite restaurant is: “Masa. For as long as I’ve lived in Tallahassee, it has been my go-to spot for celebrations.”

I feel most excited and alive when: “Helping my customers feel beautiful.”

You can catch me shamelessly jamming out to: “90s country music – Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, you name it.”

My happy place is: “Sitting on my back porch with my husband and a glass of wine, watching our kids run around the yard.”

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