Women Like Us

If you're like most women, you are being pulled from every direction. Work, home, family - everyone needs your attention.

With all of your obligations, you might have forgotten someone special- YOU. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has created a program with you in mind. It's about connecting women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.

Women Like Us is a free program designed for women by women. Its goal is to move women towards all-around wellness through good health, education, savvy lifestyle tips and networking opportunities with women in the Big Bend.

Benefits include:

  • Programs featuring physicians and other experts who specialize in women’s health issues.
  • Information about health, relationships and life issues.
  • Specially designed lifestyle classes, like couponing, gardening and spa treatments.
  • Opportunities to network with women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date on programs and events.

MildredBricklerMeet Mildred P. Brickler

With a working career spanning over 35 years, Mildred has consistently reinvented herself. Most recently she earned her doctorate in physical therapy, with her husband and two sons cheering her on as she walked across stage at Northeastern University. She is passionate about health in the community and was Tallahassee Memorial’s Heart Healthy Hero in 2011. Mildred has worked throughout all of Leon County in home health as co-owner of a rehabilitation agency for four years and truly exemplifies her commitment to health as Florida A&M University’s chairman for their annual health and safety day. Mildred is dedicated to maternal and child well being, knowing healthy babies and families equal a healthy community. With her husband, Alex J. Brickler, III, MD, and father-in-law, Alex D. Brickler, MD, having delivered 50,000 babies, Mildred wants all mothers to be able to deliver healthy babies.


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