Women Like Us

If you're like most women, you are being pulled from every direction. Work, home, family - everyone needs your attention.

With all of your obligations, you might have forgotten someone special- YOU. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has created a program with you in mind. It's about connecting women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.

Women Like Us is a free program designed for women by women. Its goal is to move women towards all-around wellness through good health, education, savvy lifestyle tips and networking opportunities with women in the Big Bend.

Benefits include:

  • Programs featuring physicians and other experts who specialize in women’s health issues.
  • Information about health, relationships and life issues.
  • Specially designed lifestyle classes, like couponing, gardening and spa treatments.
  • Opportunities to network with women who share an interest in good health and a passion for life.
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date on programs and events.

Abby_WomenLikeUs2Meet Abby Bender Kirkland

She is a fighter. A warrior. Abby Bender Kirkland isn’t just an accomplished mom and woman, she is a breast cancer survivor. After moving to the Sunshine State in 1985, Abby instantly fell in love with the beaches, water and seafood. Every weekend they get the chance, she is at the beach with the love of her life, her husband Craig. Together they continue to raise a beautiful family. “Being a mother has been such an important role for me and I continue to strive to be good at it. We have a blended family which can be tricky, however we meshed perfectly and formed bonds that only God can create. My biggest lesson is realizing “love is thicker than water”...not blood. Our family is exactly as it should be.”

Now that her children are grown, Abby still doesn’t forget to stay grounded and continue to improve herself. Like most women, she struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin after going through a life-altering event. A body after a mastectomy, two breast reconstructions, hysterectomy and several breast revisions comes with a pain and discomfort. Abby just wants to smile and show the world this breast cancer wont bring her down! Her passions run in many directions, but what makes her feel the best is when she can help someone. “When people ask how I am so positive after all I have been through, I explain God put this here for a reason so my mission in life is to reach others.”

Snag one of the last spots for her Canvases and Conversation event!

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