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Everyone experiences bumps, bruises and even the occasional broken bone. But, if you have a serious orthopedic injury, you may need to turn to the surgeons at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH).

Our orthopedic team was recognized as a 2023 American Orthopedic Association “Own the Bone” Star Performer and is certified by The Joint Commission for Advanced Total Hip and Knee Replacement. Our expert orthopedic surgeons routinely perform hip and knee replacement surgery, but they also perform some of the region’s most complex surgeries stemming from injury to the knees, hips and shoulders.

Alexander Loeb, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon at TMH and North Florida Sports Medicine recently discussed these complex surgeries with WCTV.

What are some of the more complex procedures TMH surgeons perform?

Dr. Loeb: Knee surgeries often become complex when more than just one ligament, such as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), is torn. The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) are some of the other core ligaments in the knee that can be torn as well.

Also, sometimes shoulders have a hard time staying in place, so those surgeries can be very complex to help restore function, improve stability and prevent ongoing issues such as repeated dislocation.

Does TMH perform complex hip surgeries as well?

Dr. Loeb: We’re now seeing a younger population more in need of hip surgery. We used to not perform a lot of hip surgeries on younger people and young athletes, but as hip arthroscopy has developed, we’ve been able to perform minimally invasive repairs and other surgeries on the hip as well.

Do most serious knee, hip or shoulder injuries require orthopedic surgery?

Dr. Loeb: No, not every injury. However, a dead giveaway for the knee is if your knee becomes severely swollen right away after injury. That can be a sign there’s bleeding in the knee and that something may be torn. If you experience a swollen knee immediately following an injury, you should speak to your primary care provider as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing stiff and painful hips and shoulders over long periods of time, you should also consult with your primary care provider or orthopedist.

Where are these complex surgeries performed in Tallahassee?

Dr. Loeb: If we need to perform surgery, it can be performed at TMH’s M.T. Mustian Center. There we have the state-of-the-art technology, robotic surgery equipment and the capable team to perform any of the complex orthopedic surgeries I mentioned.

To learn more about orthopedic care at TMH, visit TMH.ORG/Ortho.

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