Patient and Family Centered Care

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) supports patient- and family-centered care, by engaging in partnerships with patients, families and healthcare providers. The foundation of Patient- and family-centered care is dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration.

We understand that family members know their loved ones better than anyone else. Although we provide information that patients and families need to make educated decisions about treatment, we also know that involved patients and families can offer information to make better decisions. This partnership helps all of us to improve the quality and safe care to provide the best possible experience to our patients. Involving families in the patient’s care supports the healing process and can improve the outcome.

Patient- and family-centered care means involving and responding to patients and families. At TMH we strive to:

  • Offer a welcoming, supportive environment
  • Recognize that each patient and family is unique
  • Provide honest, open communication
  • Involve the patient and family in the planning, and delivery, of healthcare
  • Provide expert and timely care

At TMH, “family” is defined by the patient. We respect and value family as integral partners in providing excellent care. Families can nurture, give care and participate in the healing process.

Patient and Family Centered Care Concepts

Dignity and Respect

We try to listen and honor our patient and family perspectives, choices and backgrounds. We try to identify strengths in every patient and family. We try to be flexible by tailoring care to the needs, beliefs, and religious and cultural values of each person. Patient- and family-centered care requires mutual trust and respect.

Information Sharing

We try to share complete, accurate, timely information with patients and families. Sharing information builds trust and strengthens the partnership between patients, families, and caregivers. Information sharing helps patients and families make choices and assume responsibility for their own care.


We try to offer patients and families choices about approaches to care and we support them at the level of decisio0n-making and participation they choose.


We try to partner with patients and families in the plan of care. We respect and value the understanding families bring to this partnership. We also try to involve patients and families when we create and evaluate new policies, processes, and facility design.