Become a Patient and Family Advisor

Become a Patient and Family Advisor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Patient and Family Advisor! It is a rewarding experience that we have found can bring great joy as you serve as a volunteer in this capacity, helping make the patient experience better for others. Please read all of the information on this page, as it contains detailed requirements, steps and tips for becoming a Patient and Family Advisor at TMH. 

Step One: Review & Complete the Application Packet to become a Patient and Family Advisor

We are looking for people in the community who are interested in serving and providing our health care team with constructive advice and feedback to improve our patients’ experiences.

The purpose of becoming a Patient and Family Advisor is:

  • To improve our patients’ experiences while in our care
  • To suggest ways we can best provide patient- and family-centered care
  • To bring patients’ needs and concerns to the healthcare team and leadership
  • To help guide our priorities and planning for the future
  • To further enhance the relationship between TMH and the community

You can contact the Patient Experience Department at 850-431-5488 to inquire about becoming a PFA and have materials sent to you to review.  You will then fill out the application and send it in. Once confirmed for personal screening, candidates will be set up for interview with either the Director of Patient Experience and/or a chosen PFA on the interview board.  The session will elicit your talents to place you on the appropriate council or committee.

Step Two: Application will be sent to Volunteer Services for Processing

Once Volunteer Services is notified that you are able to be a PFA, you will be contacted with instructions to complete the security and health screenings outlined below:

  • Security Screening: A criminal history check and drug screening will be completed for each volunteer. Fingerprints are also required for access to certain hospital units. Fees may apply.
  • Health Screening: A TB skin test and up-to-date immunization information is required for all volunteers.
  • Orientation: Upon completion of security and health screenings, volunteers will participate in an orientation.

Step Three: Attend the training for Patient and Family Advisors

Candidates will then participate in PFA training, including expectations, mission, and role of the Patient and Family Advisor. This will entail a one-hour training session in which the PFA will receive written materials and a Handbook to guide you through the process of being an advisor. Individual training for the PFA of the individual councils or committees will also occur the month before a PFA will attend their first meeting.

Step Four: Attend a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) meeting

You are invited to attend one of our monthly Patient and Family Advisory Council meetings. The PFAC is made up of Patient and Family Advisors who are the chosen representative of all the PFAs that attend their meetings.  

Learn more about the Patient and Family Advisory Council


If you have any questions about becoming a Patient and Family Advisor, please contact:

Patient Experience Department
Organizational Improvement Division
Phone: 850-431-5488