TMH Nurse Benefits

Nursing is a calling.

At Tallahassee Memorial, we want the best of the best nurses, those who are passionate about and dedicated. Our benefits package is designed to provide nurses with opportunities for advancement and incentives to get the most out of this rigorous and rewarding career.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's nursing benefits portfolio includes the following benefits.


Tallahassee Memorial provides competitive salaries for nurses in all areas and at all levels. Our compensation package features annual merit pay raises of 3%, pay differentials for intensive care area, liberal shift differentials, BSN and MSN differential, and an advanced certification differential.


Nursing is an ever-evolving field. At TMH, we support nurses pursuing a BSN with tuition reimbursement of up to $10,000. We also provide an advanced certificate reimbursement and the opportunity to complete CEUs on-site. 

Professional Advancement

Tallahassee Memorial offers two programs for nurses at all levels to further their careers. Recent graduates are mentored through their first year in the Tallahassee Memorial Nurse Residency Program. Designed in conjunction with the University Health Consortium, this program works to develop residents' leadership skills, analysis of evidence through reviews of literature, application of outcomes data to patient care improvements and professional development. 

The Tallahassee Memorial Professional Nurse Advancement Program (PNAP) provides opportunities for TMH nurses to conduct research, publish papers, participate in community events, teach classes, speak at events and more. The program is divided into tiers allowing nurses to tailor their level of involvement. Each year, nurses are eligible to earn up to $3,000. 


Tallahassee Memorial provides nurses with the opportunity to receive up to 6% of their salary contributed to a retirement plan. 

On-site Benefits

Tallahassee Memorial also offers a variety of convenient on-site benefits to make life a little easier. These include child care, massage and the TMH credit union. 

Additional Perks

Tallahassee Memorial also offers a full spectrum of insurances, including life insurance and disability insurance; a flexible spending account; relocation assistance for qualified applicants; and the area's most advanced health and fitness center.