Health Information Exchange

What is the Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows your medical information to be available and viewed electronically by doctors and your medical team members. An HIE is designed to provide quick access to medical records to make treatments more effective and efficient. Your medical information in the HIE will meet HIPAA privacy and security requirements and state laws.

What types of Health Information are shared?

The health information shared in the HIE could include illnesses or injuries you may have had, x-ray reports and lab results, doctor's notes, allergies and medicines you are or have been taking. It is important to note that the information shared on the HIE is not your complete medical record. 

Benefits to you

  • The HIE helps your doctor get more information about you to help with your medical care.
  • The HIE provides quick access to pertinent medical records. Without the HIE, this information would have been obtained by fax or mail.
  • The HIE may limit the need to repeat tests that have already been done.
  • Your medical team will be able to see important information that you may not be able to provide because of confusion, stress or other medical emergencies.
  • Your medical team could see the medicines you are or have been taking and any allergies you may have.

It's your choice

The privacy and security of your information is important to the Tallahassee Memorial Health Information Exchange. Only your medical team members who use the HIE will be able to see your health information with your permission. Your medical information will be available unless you choose not to share your information (opt-out). If you choose not to share your information, you must complete the "Opt-Out" form. 

Opt-Out Form
Opt-Back-In Form

Anytime you wish to get a copy of your TMH medical record, you can contact the TMH Medical Records Department at 850-431-5454.

For questions, or to "Opt-out" via mail, please send to:

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
Attn: Privacy Officer
1300 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308