SuperPup Program

Your generous support is taking the SuperPup Program to a new level! 


SuperPup is a comfort, stuffed animal that will be given to children as they are admitted to the hospital or through the Animal Therapy Department.


Your gift will help bring comfort to children who face health challenges.


Meet Joy Williams, a nurse manager in surgery at TMH, who launched the new SuperPup Program after an experience with her son Nolan.




As children proceed through the healthcare that is needed at the hospital, SuperPup will be by their side. If a child needs a cast, SuperPup will also get a cast. If it is a shot that is needed, SuperPup can get a shot, too. From bandages to breathing treatments, SuperPup will be alongside children to help ease their fears.


SuperPups also provide comfort as part of the Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy Department’s existing Rikki SuperPup Program, which distributes pups through TMH Pediatrics, the R.E.A.D. Program and the Florida Courthouse Therapy Dogs program.


Rikki, a golden retriever rescued from Hurricane Katrina, was a TMH therapy dog from 2007-2017. Her comforting presence made everyone feel better, even TMH staff. She helped children by motivating rehabilitation, helping improve reading skills or finding their voice so they could testify about abuse.


When Rikki passed in 2017, the Animal Law Section of the Florida Bar and Pets Ad Litem began sponsoring the first Rikki SuperPups. Their support continues to this day, and they are excited to fund these beautiful new SuperPups who remind everyone of the original Rikki.


SuperPup is a product of the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to SuperPup, the animal may be sent back to the Bear Hospital (Vermont Teddy Bear) to be nursed back to health.  


You can provide a child with the gift of comfort by purchasing a SuperPup.


TMH cares for 1,500-2,000 children annually who would qualify by age/need to receive a SuperPup.






Many individual donors and sponsors make the SuperPup Program possible. Thank you to these corporate sponsors:

Charter Sponsors


Animal Law Section Florida Bar              Pets Ad Litem



The Rev. Brant S. and Alexandra Copeland and First Presbyterian Church


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Sponsoring the SuperPup program helps ensure that every child who needs the comfort of a SuperPup receives one. At least 2,000 children, ages 2-12, come through the doors of TMH's various pediatric service areas each year. From the MT Mustian Surgical Center to the Children's Center pediatric inpatient unit, Bixler and Northeast emergency centers and outpatient pediatric rehabilitation centers, there are opportunities every day to provide SuperPup comfort for a child experiencing a difficult medical situation. 


As a sponsor, your business logo will be featured on a letter that accompanies each SuperPup that is given out. You will also be featured on our website as a sponsor and receive public thanks through the TMH Foundation social media channels. 


Rikki SuperPup Letter Generic copy


SuperPup Sponsorship Levels

  • $2,600 provides 100 children with a SuperPup
  • $5,200 provides 200 children with a SuperPup
  • $10,400 provides 400 children with a SuperPup


Sponsorships may be paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis online


1) Please enter your sponsorship amount in the “Other Amount” box and indicate the frequency of your support (monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time donation). 
2) Under “Donor Information,” please indicate that your gift is being made on behalf of an organization.
3) Please email your logo in a high-resolution format to Becky.Harnden@TMH.ORG or call Becky Harnden at 850-431-4048 with any questions.


If you prefer to pay by check, you may mail a check to TMH Foundation, 1331 East 6th Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida 32303. Please write "SuperPup" in the memo line.


Thank you for bringing comfort to children when they need it most!